Please Cum Candywale Bhaiya!

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February 14th – 12:12 am.

“See, this is a good thing. We should come out for a night-walk every day after dinner”, said Rakesh to the woman Bina next to him, in a convincing tone.

“Yes, I know”, said Bina smiling, “I know I have been out of shape lately. I need this.” She said trying to squeeze in the bit of tummy. She then looked at him.

“Thank you. I have been telling you this for days now. Finally, you agree”, he responded and looked away.

Bina was dejected as she was hoping for a compliment, for all the work she has put in staying nearly fit and attractive for all these years of marriage. She was just struggling with an inch or two. A fair skinned, thick lush hair tied in a bun, deep brown eyes, and ample bosom. That’s hard to maintain at the age of fifty.

This was expected as the guy next to her was of about the same age, but had grey hair with a bald spot, visible belly, and slightly wrinkled fair face.

Bina went along with the conversation.

“Fine… What you want me to do. Touch your feet and seek an apology?”, she said in a humorous tone.

It was ten minutes past midnight and a married couple Bina and Rakesh had come out of their society for a walk. They had just passed the main gate where two watchmen were sitting. They started walking on the footpath of a 6 lane two-way road.

Both were wearing kurta-pajama as they stepped outside. But the man was dressed in loose white attire while the woman was wearing a V-neckline yellow tight fit kurta and a green pajama.

The conversation continued as they walked.

“Do you see that couple on the bike. Returning from work they stopped by to eat some snacks at the stall. People don’t sleep so early. The night is still young”, he said pointing her to the other side of the road.

“So cute. They are feeding each other. Why can’t you be romantic like that?”, asked the wife Bina. In response, the husband simply smiled and waved off the question.

The couple continued to walk on the footpath. On the other side of the road, there were three different salesmen with stalls. One for tea, one for snacks and one for cold drinks. Bina observed that there were people in front of the tea and snack stall while the cold drink salesman seemed irritated as no customer was coming to him.

“Poor guy, who will go for a cold drink when there is winter chill in the air”, she said pitying the salesman. The husband didn’t respond as he was looking ahead and lost in some thought.

But Bina continued to look at the salesman as now she had caught his attention. The salesman was standing behind a solid wooden table block with a stack of bottles kept all on the table. Bina was confused and intrigued to see the weird expressions on the salesman’s face. He had a sudden grin on his face and maintained eye contact with her while doing something at the near edge of the table.

Bina kept on looking when the man filled a glass with flavoured syrup and added soda to it. Strangely, Bina could smell the sweetness of the reddish-pink drink even while being at least 20 meters away. She liked it as she took a deep breath while shutting her eyes. She then opened her eyes slowly. His grin had widened and the man walked around the table and came to the side of the stall.

Now her eyes widened as she saw that the salesman wasn’t wearing any pants and showing off his erect penis. Normally, any woman including Bina would be offended to see a stranger flashing his black dick and balls, but instead, she liked it.

This one image took Bina back to her childhood. Back in those days, Bina along with her siblings used to buy small candies from the local ‘Candiwalla’ (as he used to be called). The man looked somewhat similar to this cold drink salesman. The candiwalla used to wear dhoti-kurta instead.

She remembered the precise moment in her teenage years when she had got mature but acted like a little girl in front of that candiwalla. One day while she wore nothing but a simple white see-through frock, hearing the bell she ran to get ice-cream.

Waiting to get the candy, she was very excited and unknowingly, she was showing off her tits to the candiwalla. This was enough to give him an erection. While taking the candy from him, she was pretty sure she saw his erect penis sticking out of his dhoti. That was the first time she saw the thing that lies in between every man’s legs.

That was just a fleeting moment which she had almost forgotten but all of a sudden, this sight brought old memories back and now she was hooked on it.

“… I am correct? right? Bina? Are you listening to me?”, asked her husband as he turned to look at her.

As it turns out, Rakesh wasn’t lost in some thought but was talking to her about some serious issue. It was Bina who was distracted by the cold drink salesman and couldn’t hear what her husband was saying to her.

“What the f- What is that? Bina! Look at me.” Rakesh suddenly stopped and stood in between Bina and the salesman. Seeing her dead seductive look, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her trying to get her attention. Rakesh was confused about what was happening to his wife. Why was she attracted to a stranger flashing his dick, he didn’t know?

While Rakesh was trying to get his wife’s attention, her eyes were still set on the package on the other side of the road. Bina was looking at this ‘disgusting dark skinned salesman’ (Rakesh’s words) while seductively licking her lips. In return, the salesman was stroking his shaft as a welcome to come and suck the ‘package’. Fortunately for her husband, the salesman didn’t make a move towards her.

Rakesh didn’t know what to do so holding her hand, he pulled her back into the society. Though Bina’s feet followed, here sight was unshakably set on the salesman. Entering the main gate, the old watchman saluted Rakesh. Then instantly, he fixed his sight on the deep cleavage of Bina which was jiggling as Rakesh walked her with him by force.

Rakesh noticed the watchman’s perverted expressions. So, placing an arm around Bina, he started walking her. He even pulled up her dress so that the cleavage wasn’t visible as much as possible. Rakesh was unable to understand what was happening to everybody but he knew what he had to do – ‘Reach their apartment safely.’

Vifera society has four buildings A, B, C, and D wing. It was a hundred meters walk from where he was – from B wing to the D wing building where his apartment was.

Rakesh was taking hurried steps towards his building but then suddenly, he stopped. Bina by then had stopped looking back but her eyes were dead unconscious as if she was sleep walking. The reason for Rakesh to stop was that he saw a muscular man pacing back and forth just outside the D-wing. He is the second security guard with a bulky body twice of his size. He is also the son of the old watchman at the gate. Seeing him, Rakesh’s silence broke.

“Shit! I don’t know what’s happening. But based on what I have seen so far, if Jaru (the huge man) has the same feelings for my wife, then I don’t think I can stop him from knocking me down and force my wife in doing whatever he wants. I can’t walk past Jaru with my wife.”

He said out loud trying to think of an alternate solution. To his right were the buildings but to his left was a big car parking space.

“If we hide behind those cars. We can stay hidden until Jaru passes by and then go home.”

Rakesh did that exactly as he took and placed his wife behind a big SUV. While Bina sat there staring into nothing, he could hear whispers as she was mumbling something.

“Gi.. gi.. give… give it to me”, she was saying.

“I don’t know what to do but there is only way to shut her mouth”, he said. Then taking a deep breath, he kissed her.

By rule of every love story, the cure for every curse is a true love’s kiss. It worked and suddenly, Bina’s pupils dilated as she got back to her senses.

Things started progressing in a different direction. Bina pushed Rakesh on the ground and pulled up his kurta. Untying his naada (thick string on the pajama which is like a belt), she pulled down his pajama and the underwear.

Disappointingly, Rakesh’s penis was sterile with fear. But she took up the charge to suck on it till it was rock hard. Rakesh was scared initially as he feared the security guard might catch them, but the moment he felt the wetness of his desperate wife’s mouth on his dick, he stopped resisting.

He decided to take charge and then making Bina lay on the ground, he stripped her completely out of her clothes. Recollecting the good old honeymoon days, he smooched her lips hard with some deep tongue action. Then, slowly moving down, he started playing with her huge tits, rubbing her nipples sucking on them while fingering her pussy to get it ready.

Bina meanwhile kept her hands far apart and simply enjoyed being pleasured with soft moans. The moment Rakesh felt a tightening of grip on his fingers inside her pussy, he took them out. Then he rubbed the dick on her clit and instantly slid it in.

“Aa..hmmp”, Bina gave out a sudden loud moan but Rakesh covered her mouth as he could hear Jaru’s footsteps as he was passing by. “Be quiet, you don’t want anybody to catch us.”

To this Bina smiled and whispered the response, “Yes. I don’t want my husband to find out, but I want to fuck you in front of rest of the world.”

Rakesh was confused but he shook off that thought. The moment his dick was properly inside, he picked up the rhythm and fucked her till he was close to climax.

“Oh! oh yes! fuck me… I like it… I have never had sex outdoor and I love it”, she kept on whispering while being pounded.

“Oh… I am close”, said Rakesh as he pulled his dick out and rubbed it on her belly.

“No. Wait. I want it in my mouth”, she said, grabbing his throbbing penis and putting it in front of her open mouth. Within the next few seconds, he spewed cum on her open mouth. Surprisingly, for her husband, she swallowed it all.

“Yes. Thick, warm and sweet. Just the way I like it, bhaiya (brother)”, said Bina looking at her husband.

“Strange. Bina doesn’t have a brother”, he thought which is reassuring in a way. Then it hit him.

Rakesh got annoyed after learning that all this time she was fantasizing of being fucked by the cold-drink salesman. But he convinced himself thinking, “It might be the effect of some drug pills she took. The effects will wear off by tomorrow…”

He then quickly picked up all the loose clothes and made Bina stand up. Meanwhile, Rakesh continued his thought process, “…but that doesn’t mean I am done punishing you.”

While Rakesh got properly dressed, he picked up her clothes, letting her stay buck naked. “Come, let’s go home”, he said.

Cautiously looking that the security guard Jaru was nowhere to be seen, he walked her while she was wearing just her shoes, to the D wing and up to their apartment via the elevator. While Bina was shivering with cold, she didn’t resist her husband’s mischievous idea and walked naked to her apartment as if it was normal.

Let’s just hope nobody sees her walking naked outside her apartment.

The End

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